Monthly Archives: July 2013

Upcoming talks

Just a quick announcement that I have some talks coming up over the next few months.

At the end of August I’ll be attending the Digital Games Research Association in Atlanta, GA (my first time to a DiGRA conference! I am excited!).  Here I’ll be running an EVE Workshop (with an eye to finishing off our long overdue book proposal) and chairing a panel I organized with some other lovely EVE folks.  The paper I wrote with my panelmates will be part of the conference proceedings and once I get the official okay, I’ll post a preprint copy here on my site.

In October I’ll be heading to Colorado for my 5th trip to the Association of Internet Researchers.  Here I’ll be talking about some of my dissertation research, and then I am also on a paper about the massive MMOG/Virtual Worlds project that I worked for during my first two years of my PhD program.

If you will be at either of these conferences and are interested in chatting about EVE Online or my trolling/reddit work, please send an email or send me a note via twitter (@kellybergstrom).